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Time to join

November 26, 2011 18 comments

this is been coming on for a while now….
well, some people might know I have 2 groups, Vortex and Twincest. so now I decided to mergue them both and just release everything under 1 group alone.
please now join us in we will release all the series that were used to be released here there. nothing will change but the location :3 same staff same quality, it just will make it easier for us to release this.
well farewell to this blog and say hello to a new era =D

PS: many people are having the site blocked by their antivirus. it seems since the page is they are being blocked automatically. do not fear (damn that sounds cool =D) is perfectly safe! many people use sites for bad things~ We don’t, so don’t worry ;3

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November 17, 2011 3 comments

hey people, I guess is time for the recruiting part of the time.
I need proofreader for a new series I’m picking up with a friend. please must have some experience, since I’m not a proofreader myself, I can’t test you.
also I’m looking for a typesetter for that new series, and well, rika, kissxsis, or nyatto. which every series you decide you would like to work on.
Also, I would love if there is a translator who would like to help out as well =D I would take any project if there is one :3

so anywho… I’m looking for:
Please apply by sending me an email at:
Experience is a must. I can teach, but only typesetting… I need someone with prior experience in proofreading.
Well, apply~~~~
I’ll be waiting on some applicants so I can get this out faster.

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Kissxsis Chapter 55

November 15, 2011 12 comments

is here, the latest kissxsis chapter. is a short one, probably why it was released so early… when it usually is on the 24th or so….

well is getting interesting, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
anyways.. enjoy:

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Rika chapter 7~

November 11, 2011 41 comments

here is the long waited chapter~!
hope you guys enjoy it. I know I did, as well as the proofreader.
Online Reader

well. wish me luck to get this job. I really need it :/

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Kissxsis chapter 54 out~

November 8, 2011 29 comments

ohhhh finally is out.
thanks to Niaraeth for jumping in to translate this series. really appreciate it! also wanna say tanks to FD2Raptor who’s been helping so far. I know he’s busy with his own stuff and for his time dedicating in this, I give my thanks.
now sorry for the shaky typesetting job, I just got back from the gym and my arm was shaking… some of you guys might know what I’m talking about.
anyways. happy birthday ako and riko~ a double release for you guys
anyways… enjoy the chapter
expect rika some time this week as well. so don’t ask me again for it <_<

Megaupload a second link for those of you who asked for it.
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Nyattto chapter 5

November 7, 2011 15 comments

been a while~
first wanna say welcome to a new member, Niaraeth. if it weren’t for him/her, this chapter would’ve been out some time this weekend, maybe…
well, here is chapter 5. hope you guys enjoy it. chapter 6 will come out when is ready so don’t be asking every single day when is it coming… <_<
kissxsis will be out in a few hours. just typesetting left. please be patient.

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rika news

October 28, 2011 51 comments

please, wait another month. I don’t have power over the author’s release schedule, or the magazine’s.

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