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Kissxsis Chapter 55

November 15, 2011 12 comments

is here, the latest kissxsis chapter. is a short one, probably why it was released so early… when it usually is on the 24th or so….

well is getting interesting, so I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
anyways.. enjoy:

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Rika chapter 7~

November 11, 2011 41 comments

here is the long waited chapter~!
hope you guys enjoy it. I know I did, as well as the proofreader.
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well. wish me luck to get this job. I really need it :/

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Kissxsis chapter 54 out~

November 8, 2011 29 comments

ohhhh finally is out.
thanks to Niaraeth for jumping in to translate this series. really appreciate it! also wanna say tanks to FD2Raptor who’s been helping so far. I know he’s busy with his own stuff and for his time dedicating in this, I give my thanks.
now sorry for the shaky typesetting job, I just got back from the gym and my arm was shaking… some of you guys might know what I’m talking about.
anyways. happy birthday ako and riko~ a double release for you guys
anyways… enjoy the chapter
expect rika some time this week as well. so don’t ask me again for it <_<

Megaupload a second link for those of you who asked for it.
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Kissxsis chapter 53~

September 19, 2011 31 comments

is here~ sorry for the delay, lots of things to release in like a week =D
Well I’m quite the fan of this chapter. hope you guys like it.
Enjoy the chapter~
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Rika chapter 6

September 13, 2011 44 comments

here is the chapter. please don’t be posting like, when is the next chapter coming, or hurry and stuff <_< it really pisses me off. I too I'm busy, but I still try my best to release as fast as I can.
Please respect that too.

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Kissxsis chapter 52 out~!

August 29, 2011 20 comments

So like…. Sorry for the delay. The translator had some problems with his pc. I hope he was able to fix it.
And well, I was a bit busy with other stuff.
Is like 2am, and I’m quite tired, so the Editing of this chapter looks a bit sloppy. I blame my slow pc <_<
Well here is the chapter, get it at Megaupload, and the Online Reader

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Nyatto chapter 4!

August 17, 2011 24 comments

yay~ is out! Please thank the previous translator who helped me pick this series back up, Sygrun.
I now present you the person who started this project, Shadow-Skill. We will be working together in this series from now on…
Now sorry for the quality, those were the only raws I could find… I promise the next release will look better.

One thing though, If you can please donate a bit for me, there is this magazine that comes out on the 24th of this month, I would like to buy it, there is this series I want to scan and look for more series. sorry for the bother

anywho, the Online Reader are up as well as the Megaupload link, please Enjoy~

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