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Nyattto chapter 5

November 7, 2011 15 comments

been a while~
first wanna say welcome to a new member, Niaraeth. if it weren’t for him/her, this chapter would’ve been out some time this weekend, maybe…
well, here is chapter 5. hope you guys enjoy it. chapter 6 will come out when is ready so don’t be asking every single day when is it coming… <_<
kissxsis will be out in a few hours. just typesetting left. please be patient.

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Nyatto chapter 4!

August 17, 2011 24 comments

yay~ is out! Please thank the previous translator who helped me pick this series back up, Sygrun.
I now present you the person who started this project, Shadow-Skill. We will be working together in this series from now on…
Now sorry for the quality, those were the only raws I could find… I promise the next release will look better.

One thing though, If you can please donate a bit for me, there is this magazine that comes out on the 24th of this month, I would like to buy it, there is this series I want to scan and look for more series. sorry for the bother

anywho, the Online Reader are up as well as the Megaupload link, please Enjoy~

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Nyatto chapter 3~~~!

August 9, 2011 27 comments

yay I finally finish it~
Here is the newest nyatto chapter. I think it came out pretty good. thanks alot to all the people who helped me release this.
I will try to get the other chapter out asap.
Here are the Megaupload and the Online Reader links, Enjoy~

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