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Rika chapter 7~

November 11, 2011 41 comments

here is the long waited chapter~!
hope you guys enjoy it. I know I did, as well as the proofreader.
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well. wish me luck to get this job. I really need it :/

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rika news

October 28, 2011 51 comments

please, wait another month. I don’t have power over the author’s release schedule, or the magazine’s.

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Rika chapter 6

September 13, 2011 44 comments

here is the chapter. please don’t be posting like, when is the next chapter coming, or hurry and stuff <_< it really pisses me off. I too I'm busy, but I still try my best to release as fast as I can.
Please respect that too.

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Rika chapter 5!

August 6, 2011 23 comments

yay is out~
Is it just me or the artwork got a bit different…?
Well, tahnks for Vexed’s speed, please thank him whenever you see him, THANK HIM DAMNIT!
anywho… Looks like things are getting a bit more… spicy if I would say.
Well, like always enjoy the chapter, download it at Megaupload, or read it in the awesome Online Reader

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