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Time to join

November 26, 2011 18 comments

this is been coming on for a while now….
well, some people might know I have 2 groups, Vortex and Twincest. so now I decided to mergue them both and just release everything under 1 group alone.
please now join us in we will release all the series that were used to be released here there. nothing will change but the location :3 same staff same quality, it just will make it easier for us to release this.
well farewell to this blog and say hello to a new era =D

PS: many people are having the site blocked by their antivirus. it seems since the page is they are being blocked automatically. do not fear (damn that sounds cool =D) is perfectly safe! many people use sites for bad things~ We don’t, so don’t worry ;3

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November 17, 2011 3 comments

hey people, I guess is time for the recruiting part of the time.
I need proofreader for a new series I’m picking up with a friend. please must have some experience, since I’m not a proofreader myself, I can’t test you.
also I’m looking for a typesetter for that new series, and well, rika, kissxsis, or nyatto. which every series you decide you would like to work on.
Also, I would love if there is a translator who would like to help out as well =D I would take any project if there is one :3

so anywho… I’m looking for:
Please apply by sending me an email at:
Experience is a must. I can teach, but only typesetting… I need someone with prior experience in proofreading.
Well, apply~~~~
I’ll be waiting on some applicants so I can get this out faster.

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Donate button

August 6, 2011 5 comments

Hello people. I’m here adding a donation button so I can collect some money and buy some raws… There are a few series I wanna do, but I lack raws @_@
I’ve place it on the top right side of the blog.
Donate anything you think you can. and if you want. I usually don’t ask for money, but I would like to buy raws and have HQ releases.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Online Reader UP

July 9, 2011 12 comments

yes, it’s not a typo. Thanks to the help of some people at IMS, and almighty Woxxy, I was able to obtain an online reader
Here is the link for it, I’ll add it shortly on the site.

Also, Check my new blog,, where I’m releasing Gamaran

Well enjoy.

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About kissxsis 50

June 22, 2011 34 comments


know we’ve been late with the chapter.

i want to apologize for that. i been busy with school. and the translator has been busy with his own stuff. the chapter its being proofreaded right now. i should get it any time soon. however, i have an important exam, therefore i wont be able to work on it till friday night, mountain time.

The chapter should be out sometime friday or saturday. most likely friday, i wanna get this out asap.

Also, ill be setting up an online reader here in my blog, so you dont have to be downloading the chapter if you dont like reading off your pc, and prefer it to do it online.

Again, sorry for the delay, and expect a new series some time next week as well.


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Need some Editors. Typesetters better!

hello, as many people know, im working on many groups, one of them is Black-Wing.
We need some more staff to help us with our projects, currently, the boss is doing quite alot of work, and well he’s a translator, so we cant let him do all of the editing.
Im looking for editors for Frogman.
editors for Zetsuen no Tempest
And more typesetters. Typesetting is the one that takes the more time, and since the boss is typesetting quite alot of the series….. well i dont wanna go into more details.

So please people if you are interested in helping us, come to #Black-Wing@IRCHighway
or just respond to this blog. or send me an email at:

we need experienced editors, we dont have time atm to train new ones, sorry.
Query me on IRC or send me a mail, or contact me on any way you want, via Skype if you like (skype name: kundumstaf)

ill be waiting for your call.

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New policy

May 22, 2011 20 comments

umh…. i see that people are uploading the releases to mangafox.

i should’ve said this earlier, but i dont want my scans to go to mangafox. they make money out of the scanlator’s releases, while us who work our asses off, get nothing.

i dont mind batoto, but please, do not upload my releases to mangafox. i dont want to support such a leech website who cares nothing more than making money.

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